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Keep Boredom at Bay with Lexia

Travel around the world without leaving town.

You may have read in the recent newsletter that Lexia is a great way to keep your kids occupied this Summer. They may already use it at home but if not read on...

Free for all Wincobank children; Lexia is a game that carefully charts your child's progress through the fundamentals of reading, spelling and wider literacy areas such as grammar and comprehension. It can either be downloaded onto a device or just played straight from the website (

The first stage will be what is called 'authenticating the device'. Don't panic, this bit is simple: just enter (Mr Williamson's email).

You should only need to authenticate each device once.

Next you'll be asked for your child's username and password. Everyone at school has the same password ( read ), whilst your child's username consists of their first name plus the first letter of their last name, all in lower-case.

So if their name was Joe Bloggs their username would be joeb, or if their name was Sarah Allen it would be saraha.

All the children in school are at various stages of the game but expected progress would be to reach level 6 by the end of Year One and level 12 by the end of Year Two. Try to resist the urge to help them with the game- easier said than done sometimes, but letting them go it alone will help to make sure the game is at the right level for them. Remember- things will only get trickier from that point onwards!

Any certificates that children earn over the holidays will be waiting for them on their return in September.

Article Published : 18/7/2016