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Autumn at Wincobank

We've really enjoyed getting out and seeing special sights and magnificent colours of autumn. They have been beautiful!

We have been having a spectacular autumn at Wincobank! Children from Foundation up to Year Two have enjoyed getting to know some of the different trees we have in our grounds, as their leaves have started their majestic transition from green to yellow, to orange and then red.

We have learnt to spot our sycamore trees- the tallest two in school. We can also recognise rowan trees by their red berries that the birds love to eat! Other plants have been making fruit as well and we've spotted sour crab-apples and juicy blackberries on the brambles. Year 2 have learnt that fruits are made by plants to spread seeds around and that is why plants make them tasty! Miss Clark’s Kingfishers have collected lots of other kinds of seeds and leaves that they have found on the way to school. Meanwhile in Foundation we have been on several mushroom hunts and seen lots of different types around school. We learnt that mushrooms from the shops are good to eat but the ones that grow on the ground can make you sick so we mustn’t touch them.

Autumn really is magic at our school- there’s so many beautiful things to see!

Article Published : 9/11/2015